Gabriel Brenas: I.O.U.

Gabriel Brenas: I can pretend, I knew the man… He was my boss during my first duty at “Intermarkets-Lebanon” in the late seventies.
Gaby Brenas formed the basis of my career, and taught me that you can succeed in this business without losing your self-respect.
He knew how to delegate without really pulling the safety net, he knew the strength of his charisma and for this he added his refined sense of humor.
Gaby the veteran and seasoned expert was also the youngest in spirit and always criticised “le vieux jeu”, Gaby the creative adept, knew the secrets of the trade when it came to handle the client’s ego.
The scrupulous “Gaby” explored my Ethics and carved my values; yet never lectured me and spared me the “Rhetoric.”
Gaby Brenas: The French “mind,” the Lebanese “heart” and the universal “guts”: I will not miss you because of your heritage that I will always cherish and because of Alain: Your personified DNA.
Gaby Brenas: A tribute of loyalty in the land of ungratefulness…

Gaby Brenas: I.O.U

Ramsay G/ Najjar

Originally published in ArabAd, April 1998

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