A farewell to Gaby Brenas

Gaby Brenas

Gaby Brenas

In February 20th, 1998, Gaby Brenas died, aged 82. With this passing away, it is a chapter of the heroic days of M.E. Marketing & Advertising Services, then Intermarkets, that has come to a close.

Among the early pioneers of advertising in Lebanon, just after the end of World War II, co-editor of the specialised cinema weekly, Cine d’Orient, organiser of the first commercial exhibitions in Lebanon together with the late Darwiche Massoud and Gaston Chikhani; Gaby Brenas has during half a century, been closely associated to the development of advertising in Lebanon.

He joined in 1961 what was later to become Intermarkets, as Creative Director, becoming in 1974, Managing Director of Intermarkets Lebanon. During the troubled times from 1975, he actively contributed to the development of the regional creative services of Intermarkets, while ensuring that Intermarkets Lebanon never closed, despite the offices destruction—situated then, on the ill-remembered demarcation line.

Gaby Brenas retired from active duty at 68. He retained a board consultancy in Intermarkets and till the very last days, a keen interest in the Lebanese advertising industry.

Gaby will be fondly remembered by all his friends in advertising and beyond.


Originally published in ArabAd, April 1998

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  1. lp67 says:

    It was with great sorrow to have learned about the passing of GABRIEL BRENAS. Truly a great man, a gentle man. He has always been in my heart and in my mind ever since I was introduced to him for a possible employment at a very young age as an artist in the art department of their newly formed ad agency (MEMAS). I was hired and ended up working there with this wonderful man under his directorship and guidance for five years, until the Year 1967, when I decided to leave for the United States to further my studies. I remember It took me two weeks, to muster up the courage to tell him that I was about to leave for United States. And when I finally did tell him, I had tears in my eyes. He re-assured me that it was alright and that I will do just great. All those years, I realized he had become the father I didn't have. In fact he reminded me of my father at times. with his gentle ways of making a point, or making some constructive criticism with his witty ways and great laughter where his face would turn all red, with cigaret at hand. All those years in United States, I truly missed him, often thinking of him along few other members of that small family. Although, I had the joy of seeing him one more time after my first departure. It was after seven years, 1974 when I returned to Beirut first time to visit my family, where I made my priority to go visit Mr Brenas. He was all smiles and happiness when we met. We talked and reminisced the old days, he wanted to know how I was doing. He had grown a beard and looked just wonderful. Of course that was the last time I saw him but I always remembered his gentle ways and smile.

    Levon Poladian

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