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How honest people avoid due payments with honest mistakes

A check from Talal EL MAKDESSI to Erwin GUERROVICH (08/1939- 03/2001) less than a month before his passing. Try to guess why the bank refused the check.
check to Erwin Guerrovich 2016-05-06_15-40-37-LT

15 years

Today I am mad.

15 years you have been gone now. All I can think is that I never really knew you.

While you were here you were working all the time and traveling for work so you could achieve two things : make sure your wife and children were free from want, and be able to enjoy your retirement as there were so many things you wanted to do.

In the end, we all got screwed, you never had time to enjoy your retirement, your whole life’s work was destroyed thanks to a couple of dishonest people, and we never got to know our father.
And there will be no justice for this…hard to teach your children that if you do things right you will be rewarded in the end…

We still need you more than ever, and we regret that your grandchildren will never get to know you.

Yan & Stephanie

Lettre à mon père

Aujourd’hui tu aurais eu 79 ans. 14 ans déjà… et je pleure encore quand je pense à toi.
Combien de fois j’ai eu besoin de toi pendant ces 14 années… Juste l’autre jour je m’imaginais comment notre vie serait si tu étais encore là.
Et c’est peu dire que de dire que l’on serait tous plus heureux.

Tu me manques.
On dit que le temps guérit les blessures. Je ne sais pas si cette blessure se refermera un jour.
Même si tu es certainement avec nous en pensée, pour citer Daniel Guichard: j’aimerais que tu sois près de moi, papa.

Yan & Stephanie

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Edmond Moutran: Chairman & CEO MEMAC

Edmond Moutran

Edmond Moutran

Edmond Ibrahim Moutran was born in Beirut, 1994 and graduated from Choueifat International College, Choueifat, Lebanon. Received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Higher Studies in Mass : Communication from Southwest Missouri j State University in 1972.

Joined Intermarkets as Gulf Area Manager in January 1973.

Eddy opened Intermarkets’ Bahrain office in February 1973, and remained as Head of Intermarkets Bahrain till 1983, when he became Managing Director of Burson Marstellar (a PR agency) in 1979 maintaining his duties as MD Intermarkets Bahrain as well.

Founded MEMAC (Middle East Marketing and Communications) in January 1984, with one client, four people,  and a capital of US $25K. 1984 Bahrain- 1986 Jeddah – 1987 Dubai – 1990 Kuwait – 1990 London- 1994 Lebanon- 1997 Egypt.

Today MEMAC has a network of 7 offices with 171 people, and a turnover of US$85 million.

Founding member of the GCCAA, is an IAA Bahrain member since 1977. He became a board member of Ogilvy&Mather Africa in 1996. Initiated and became the first Chairman of Middle East Advertising Agencies Association (MEAAA)

Originally published in ArabAd, May 1998

Gabriel Brenas: I.O.U.

Gabriel Brenas: I can pretend, I knew the man… He was my boss during my first duty at “Intermarkets-Lebanon” in the late seventies.
Gaby Brenas formed the basis of my career, and taught me that you can succeed in this business without losing your self-respect.
He knew how to delegate without really pulling the safety net, he knew the strength of his charisma and for this he added his refined sense of humor.
Gaby the veteran and seasoned expert was also the youngest in spirit and always criticised “le vieux jeu”, Gaby the creative adept, knew the secrets of the trade when it came to handle the client’s ego.
The scrupulous “Gaby” explored my Ethics and carved my values; yet never lectured me and spared me the “Rhetoric.”
Gaby Brenas: The French “mind,” the Lebanese “heart” and the universal “guts”: I will not miss you because of your heritage that I will always cherish and because of Alain: Your personified DNA.
Gaby Brenas: A tribute of loyalty in the land of ungratefulness…

Gaby Brenas: I.O.U

Ramsay G/ Najjar

Originally published in ArabAd, April 1998

A farewell to Gaby Brenas

Gaby Brenas

Gaby Brenas

In February 20th, 1998, Gaby Brenas died, aged 82. With this passing away, it is a chapter of the heroic days of M.E. Marketing & Advertising Services, then Intermarkets, that has come to a close.

Among the early pioneers of advertising in Lebanon, just after the end of World War II, co-editor of the specialised cinema weekly, Cine d’Orient, organiser of the first commercial exhibitions in Lebanon together with the late Darwiche Massoud and Gaston Chikhani; Gaby Brenas has during half a century, been closely associated to the development of advertising in Lebanon.
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Advertising Agencies in Bahrain

When my colleagues and I started Gulf Public Relations in 1974 there were but three local agencies and one international. The locals were Gulf Publicity, headed by Yusif Zubari; Arab Consult which was Ahmed Faqhri’s adaptation of the former Government information office featuring among its executive directors Michael Rice and James Belgrave, and Awal Advertising, started by the English cartoonist of the Gulf Mirror, Lewis Moreland. GPR was the fourth member of this distinguished society. [Read more...]

Tylda Ghosn: Getting ahead and staying there


Tylda Ghosn

Tylda Ghosn

by Zaza Khalaf

Experts have long declared that artistic people make bad managers. The same has often been said about women. Tylda Ghosn has proven both these proclamations wrong. One of still very exclusive group of female agency heads, she is also undoubtedly the most creative.

That is actually the first thing that strikes you on meeting her. It was no surprise then to learn that her first ambition was to design jewellery. However, with no such school available in Lebanon, she decided to pursue other prospects at ALBA (Lebanese Academy of Arts). As luck would have it, she went the very day of the advertising entrance exam! Needless to say, not only did she pass the exam, but also graduated with flying colours in 1984.
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Fighting a virus called greed


In order to put up with growing unrest in the advertising world concerning oversized budget-swallowers, more and more medium-sized agencies have joined forces in order to save professional integrity, while still offering clients the opportunity to seize markets in other countries. Arab Ad listened to leading figures of international chains of independent agencies: if small is not always beautiful, it is a way to keep up.

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A blessing in disguise


In every setback, there are the roots of bigger and better opportunities. It is important, however, to put the Gulf economic setback in its proper perspective. The real size of it has nothing to compare with the international mediatic projection that was made.

The Arab wealth and the leading role it gave to the area in economic and political terms, were not popular. All the countries involved had little infrastructure. The fabulous contracts of national scale from telecommunications to desalination plants, from roads to entire new city quarters, further projected the Middle East golden years.
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