Intermarkets wins new contracts, sets up “Intermarketing”

Fast food chain

BEIRUT – Intermarkets is moving aggressively ahead and its dynamic director, Erwin Guerrovich, is leading the way. Recently Guerrovich gave a lecture to an audience of Lebanese industrialists on the theme of export opportunities to the Middle East. During the lecture, Guerrovich announced the foundation of Intermarketing, specializing in the marketing of products in the Middle East. Raymond Hanna is chief executive.

Recently Intermarkets has won new contracts as well as undergone personnel shifts. Intermarkets has won the prestigious IBM account for the Middle East and Africa. Intermarkets Kuwait has won the Kuwait Food Company account which includes Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hardee’s among other fast food chains. The account is in excess of 1.5 million dollars.

Jean François de Lambert, formerly general manager of Afridom/Arabcom, has opened his own agency with Eurocom participation. Intermarkets is to represent the new agency in the Middle East.

Originally published in ArabAd, April 1988

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