Letter of Erwin Guerrovich to Antoine Aad

Intermarkets Advertising

Beirut, May 17 1993
Mr. Antoine Aad Media Force Beirut

Dear Mr. Aad


I would like to bring to your attention the results of our recent campaign on behalf of the Trade Mission of the Hong Hong Trade Development Council that visited Lebanon.
A trade exhibition was held on 10 and 11 May, opened solely to businessmen.

While expecting around 500 visitors, we had 970 visitors
Pre-promotion of the trade exhibition was done through direct mail and a short press campaign that included Al Hayat.
All visitors were interviewed as to where they heard of the trade exhibition.
Results were :
- Out of the total, 70% knew of it from the press
- Out of the total that knew of it from the press, 64%   cited Al Hayat.
We felt that you should be informed of the impact we received from using your publication. No doubt that this will reflect in our future media recommendations to our clients.

Best regards

Erwin Guerrovich
Chief Executive Officer
Intermarkets Group

Amman. Beirut, Cairo. Dubai. Jeddah. Kuwait. London.
(ArabAd 1993 May)

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